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URL :  Free English Grammar eBook - Level 2
Author : Espresso English
Detail : Published: 2013

Level 2 of the free English Grammar e-Book teaches:

    Present Continuous for Future Use
    Past Simple Regular and Irregular Verbs
    Simple Past and Past Continuous
    Linking Words – Reasons and Results
    Linking Words – Contrasting Idea
    Linking Words – Adding and Organizing Info
    Going To vs. Will
    Present Perfect + Ever and Never
    Present Perfect + Yet / Just / Already
    Present Perfect + For and Since
    Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
    Comparatives + Quantifiers
    Comparatives + Not as… as
    Comparative or Superlative?
    So / Neither
    Verb + Infinitive or -ing
    Permission, Obligation, and Prohibition
    Prepositions of Time
    Prepositions of Place
    Prepositions of Movement
    Relative Clauses
    Word Order: Questions
    Direct and Indirect Questions
    Used to
    Too / Enough
    Some / Any / No
    Advanced Subject-Verb Agreement
    First Conditional
    Second Conditional
    Difference Between Should, Would, and Could
    Past Perfect
    Present Perfect or Past Perfect?
    Passive Voice Present + Past
    Reported Speech

eBook License: Free

Download this PDF for free - 1,8 Mb - 99 pages

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