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Gazprom's Monopoly and Nabucco's Potentials
Nicklas Norling
eBook Edition: 2007

Only 1% of Europe’s gas imports originate directly from the Middle East and the South Caspian Sea region while roughly 40% and 30% are imported from Russia and North Africa (mainly Algeria), respectively. This is in spite of the fact that the Middle East and the South Caspian Sea region can produce cheaper gas and are closer than Western Siberia. The main purpose of the following assessment is to highlight this uncomfortable dependence for Europe, the geo-politics involved, and how the Caspian Sea region could contribute to Europe’s energy diversification. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Summary and Recommendations – Introduction - Circumstances Requiring Europe to Diversify Gas-supplies - Natural Gas-supplies in the Caspian Sea Region – Nabucco-Europe’s Missing Link - Strategic Decisions Facing Europe - Conclusion and Recommendations

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