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URL :  Guitar Chord Handbook
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Author : Bill Matney - Brenna Niemuth
Detail : 2019 | PDF | 2.4 Mb | 47 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

This work is one part of a three-part Open Educational Resource (OER) that teaches students how to play the guitar as an accompaniment instrument, facilitating technical, theoretical, and ear skill development that can translate into a range of song styles. Materials may be used either as primary or supplemental guides for: (a) non-primary guitar classes, (b) musicianship classes for music therapy and music education students, and (c) other musicianship classes.

The Guitar Chord Handbook provides visuals for common open chords, as well as some barre and color chords. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Major Chords - Minor Chords - Dominant 7th Chords - Minor 7th Chords - Simple Diminished Chords - Barre Chords - Introduction to Color Chords – Chord Dictionary

You can download the Second handbook - Chord Progression

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