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URL :  Happiness, Economics and Public Policy
Author : H. Johns - P. Ormerod
Detail : eBook Edition: 2007

The main focus of this monograph is on happiness research and public policy, where many strong claims are being made. For example, a key finding of happiness research is that in the developed world over the past 30 or 40 years happiness appears not to have increased despite the fact that real per capita incomes, and material living standards, have doubled. An explanation advanced for this in the happiness literature (Layard, 2005) is that it is essentially not the absolute level of income of a person or household which generates happiness, but the level of income relative to that of others. The implication drawn from this is that progressive taxation will reduce such relative disparities and will therefore increase overall happiness. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Happiness research and economic theory - Happiness, income and policy - Happiness and macroeconomics - ‘Gross notional happiness’: measurement and decision-making - Applications of happiness research - Final remarks and conclusions – Appendixes – References

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Free PDF eBook - 377 Kb - 60 Pages
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