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High School Mathematics Extensions

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Publication date: 2007

This online textbook is aimed at, but not limited to, 14 to 18 year olds who are interested in mathematics in general. Several interesting topics not covered in the standard high school curriculum are introduced in this text.

The materials presented here can be challenging. But at the same time we strive to make this book accessible to all with 9-10 years of formal education. We sincerely hope to interest, stimulate and challenge you with this book.

From the author

It is my firm belief that maths textbooks shouldn't just be a collection of mathematical facts carefully laid out, so the student can open it and cram in whatever formula he/she have to remember for tomorrow's exam. A maths textbook, especially for the youthful, should be full of questions, not just exercises. Questions that requires some thought to answer. Afterall "it's the questions that keep the students interested, not the answers".

(From Wikibooks, description text under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL))

Wikibooks Edition

Free PDF ebook - 1,51 Mb - 250 pages

Main topics: Mathematics, primes, modular arithmetic, logic, mathematical proofs, infinity, infinite processes, counting, generating functions, discrete probability, financial options, matrices, mathematical programming, basic counting, partial fractions, summation sign, complex numbers, differentiation

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