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History of Spain
Many authors
Last published eBook: 2014

eBook contents

Early history (Prehistoric Iberia, Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula, Roman conquest of Hispania, Romanization of Hispania) - Medieval (Suebic kingdom, Visigothic kingdom, Byzantine Spania, Umayyad conquest of Hispania, Al-Andalus / Reconquista) - Early modern (Catholic Monarchs, Age of Expansion, Spanish Empire, Golden Age, Enlightenment) - Modern (Napoleonic Spain / War of Independence, Cádiz Cortes / 1812 Constitution, Independence of Spanish America, Reaction and Revolution, First Republic, Restoration, Disaster of 1898, Second Republic, Civil War, Francoist Spain) - Contemporary (Transition to democracy, Spain since 1975) - By topic (Economic history, Military history)

eBook License: Creative Commons

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