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How to pick a Shopping Cart System that makes you money

Tom Antion

Published: 2013

Table of Contents

Custom Carts
What is a shopping Cart?
How to Pick a Shopping Cart System
Calculate Shipping &Tax
Soft and Hard Goods
Customizable "Return to Shopping" Pages
Offer Management
Receipt and Confirmation Emails
Multiple Order and Dropship Email Capability
Web-Based Admin Page
Back End-Output to Your Accounting Software
Associate Program Compatible
Upsell Modules
Database Handling
Broadcast Capability
Email List Management
Mail Merge Capability
Coupons and Discounts
Multiple Website Capability
Integrated Autoresponders
Ad Tracking
Conversion Ratio
Ad Rotation
Order Form Sell Through
Recurring Billing
Sales Reports
Tell a Friend
Pop Up Boxes
Help with Off Line Shopping
Build Your Store From Scratch
Secure Servers
Checklist for Evaluating a Shopping Cart System
Cost Estimates
My Recommendation

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