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URL :  Human Rights In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence
Author : Lindsey Andersen
Detail : eBook Edition: 2018

As artificial intelligence continues to find its way into our daily lives, its propensity to interfere with human rights only gets more severe. With this in mind, and noting that the technology is still in its infant stages, Access Now conducts this preliminary study to scope the potential range of human rights issues that may be raised today or in the near future.

Many of the issues that arise in examinations of this area are not new, but they are greatly exacerbated by the scale, proliferation, and real-life impact that artificial intelligence facilitates. Because of this, the potential of artificial intelligence to both help and harm people is much greater than from technologies that came before. While we have already seen some of these consequences, the impacts will only continue to grow in severity and scope. However, by starting now to examine what safeguards and structures are necessary to address problems and abuses, the worst harms—including those that disproportionately impact marginalized people—may be prevented and mitigated. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Introduction - Definitions - How Does Bias Play Out In AI - What Makes The Risks Of AI Different? - . Helpful And Harmful AI - AI And Human Rights - Recommendations: How To Address AI-Related Human-Rights Harms - Conclusion

eBook License: Copyrighted from www.accessnow.org

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