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URL :  In Search of Solidarity: Identification Participation in Virtual Fan Communities
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Author : Jaime Shamado Robb
Detail : 2016 | PDF | 677 Kb | 92 pages

eBook License: Public Access From https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/

This study questions the way sports fans create (a sense of) community through online conversations. Here, ‘community’ and ‘internet’ are seen as invitational terms that suggest an authentic social interaction. By examining the language used by fans to sustain a sense of solidarity in the virtual realm, this study questions the ways in which rhetoric frames the situation.
Participation in the virtual space relies on practices of identification derived from physical engagements. By using a rhetorical approach, this study illuminates the way individual participants operationalize a rhetoric in virtual conversations that spiritualize the fan’s experience at the base of a sporting hierarchy.

This study centralizes identification as key to participation and the formation of community identity. The same language practices that work to shape the group also reinforce a sports ideology that spiritualizes fan participation. What emerges as a dominant substance is loyalty as key to identification/participation in the virtual community. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Literature Review and Methods - The Materiality of Redcafe - Identification Persuasion at The Redcafe - Conclusion
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