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URL :  Japanese Foreign Economic Policy Formation
Author : Kent E. calder
Detail : eBook Edition: 2007

As trade frictions between Japan and its Western economic partners have escalated, both Western and Japanese analysts, particularly at the popular level, have developed increasingly divergent and strongly held conceptions of what Japanese foreign economic policies as remarkably liberal in view of Japan’s pervasive resource vulnerabilities; others regard these same policies as rapaciously mercantilist. Yet despite this broad divergence of views as well as the rising importance of Japan’s behavior for the international system, for comparative political analysis, and for the international relations theory, there has been remarkably little serious international dialogue about the character of the Japanese state in its complex relationship with the global economic system.(From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Japan as a reactive state – Why Japanese foreign economic policy tends to be reactive - Domestic constraints on international initiatives – Domestic interest group pressures and the Japanese state’s unusual – The sources of intermittent Japanese flexibility – Reactive Japanese foreign economic policy: Implications for Japan and the world

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