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URL :  Joomla Template Design Guide
Author : Barrie North
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Note: This book is not available anymore for free download (verified on 27/05/2013)

Published: 2006

eBook Content

• What is a Joomla Template? Explains what functions are performed by a Joomla template and the difference between a template with no content and when content is added into the CMS
• Localhost Design Process How the design process differs to that when designing a static (X)HTML web page.
• W3C and Tableless Design The implications of tableless design in Joomla and the relationship between W3C standards, usability and accessibility
• The Template Components What files make up a Joomla template and what functions they perform
• Using CSS to create a layout How to create a source ordered 3 column layout using CSS rather than tables
• The Default Joomla CSS An introduction to basic CSS styles that should be used with Joomla, along with the default list of styles that are used by the Joomla core
• Modules How to place, and style modules, including new techniques for rounded corners.
• Menus A simple strategy to produce lean CSS menus that mimic the effect of those developed with Javascript
• Hiding Columns How to control when columns are shown and how to hide them when no content is present
• Conclusion
• Appendix A:Tips and Tricks Variable Page Widths, Rounded Corners, Text Resizers and More

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use only)

eBook to download in PDF format - 465 Kb - 52 pages

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