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Lecture Notes on Microeconomic Theory
Guoqiang Tian
Last published: 2013

eBooks Contents

Preliminaries on Modern Economics and Mathematics - Individual Decision making (Consumer Theory, Production Theory, Choice Under Uncertainty) - Strategic Behavior and Markets (Game Theory, Theory of the Market) - General Equilibrium Theory and Social Welfare (Positive Theory of Equilibrium: Existence, Uniqueness, and Stability, Normative Theory of Equilibrium: Its Welfare Properties, Economic Core, Fair Allocations, and Social Choice Theory, General Equilibrium Under Uncertainty) - Externalities and Public Goods (Externalities, Public Goods) - Information, Incentives, Mechanism Design, and Contract Theory (Optimal Mechanism Design: Contracts with One-Agent and Hidden Information, Optimal Mechanism Design: Contracts with One-Agent and Hidden Action, General Mechanism Design: Contracts with Multi-Agents, Dynamic Mechanism Design)

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