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URL :  Lost Villages of The Eastern Aleutians
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Author : Ray Hudson - Rachel Mason
Detail : 2015| PDF | 7.7 Mb | 346 pages 

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.nps.gov/index.htm

When World War II encircled the Aleutian Islands, the lives of the Unangax inhabitants and the communities they lived in were forever changed. Perhaps the most profound impacts were on three small traditional villages: Biorka, Kashega, and Makushin.

Lost Villages of the Eastern Aleutians is the story of how these communities endured for centuries, how they survived the challenges of Russian and American ownership, and how war hastened their disappearance. It is the story of how the last generation to live in these villages made lasting contributions to an enduring culture and way of life. (From Author)

eBook Contents

The Three Villages - Darkness - Respite - Three Villages Under the Russian-American Company - Ends and Beginnings - The Lives of Sea Otter Hunters - Loss of the Otter - The Last Families - An Uncertain Future - Kashega -  Makushin - Biorka - Kashega: A Green and Pleasant Place - The Agony of Makushin - The Approach of War - The Attack and the Evacuation - A Lake in the Woods - The Return - The Legacy
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