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URL :  MRV Methodology for Energy Efficiency
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Author : Various Authors
Detail : 2018 | PDF | 5.1 Mb | 71 pages

eBook License: Public Access from http://www.olade.org/

The Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) with support from the Austrian Development Co-operation seeks to strengthen the energy efficiency institutional framework in the Members Countries of the Organization. This is seen as an appropriate means to achieve regional sustainability. Curing can be defined as working on the surface level of the body and treating only the symptoms. On the other hand, healing is defined as treating the body as a whole, including the four aspects mentioned above.

To create the intended impact and to assure long term sustainability, the contemplated programs for implementation are: energy savings in public and commercial buildings, efficient lighting in the lowest income sectors, and energy efficiency in industry and services sectors.

Moreover, in accordance to the effective development of energy efficiency, it has been identified that as a complement of PALCEE implementation, is necessary to rely on a mechanism for monitoring the state of the energy efficiency in the countries, reason why is proposed in manner of technical support to develop a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Proposal (MRV) for energy efficiency implementation measures for commercial and public buildings. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Glossary Of Terms - Executive Summary - Important Definitions - Framework - Introduction - Domestic Mrv Key Elements – Stakeholders - Possible Barriers - Financial Support - Roadmap - Conclusion
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