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URL :  Maritime Networks, Port Efficiency, and Hinterland Connectivity in the Mediterranean
Author : Jean-François Arvis - Vincent Vesin - Robin Carruthers - César Ducruet - Peter de Langen
Detail : 2019 | PDF | 5.7 Mb | 140 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons License  http://creativecommons.org

This book provides a rigorous assessment of one of the complex pieces of this urgent agenda. It studies the network of maritime transport across the Mediterranean, a subject of economic and social interests dating back centuries.

Due to its position in global trade, the Mediterranean indeed remains a laboratory of the global hub-and-spoke network pattern. It hosts the port of Tanger Med and the now expanded Suez Canal on the southern rim, two examples of the massive investments in transport and logistics infrastructure that we have seen in the 21st century.

Yet fundamental questions still remain to be answered: What are the values and the benefits of global connectivity? What are the economic benefits of massive investments in infrastructure often financed by taxpayers? I often hear these two questions when I meet with government officials across the region.  Hubs are critical for transshipment, but risk becoming an economic enclave. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Dimensions, Indicators, and Drivers of Trade Connectivity in the Mediterranean – Maritime Networks and Port Efficiency – Hinterland Connectivity – Three Cases Studies on the Connectivity of Ports – Enhancing Connectivity and Port Development Strategies
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