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URL :  Market Intelligence for Sales and Marketing
Author : Global Intelligence Alliance
Detail : eBook Edition: 2008

Market Intelligence for Customer Processes, i.e. marketing, sales and account management, in four large companies will be presented and discussed in this GIA White Paper 3/2008. The case descriptions are based on interviews with intelligence executives in the case companies that have been conducted during April-May 2008.

The case companies featured in this White Paper are Cisco Systems, De Telefoongids, MAG Industrial Automation Systems, and Tetra Pak. Each case story provides a different angle to serving sales and marketing operations with systematic Market Intelli-gence activities.

The Cisco case discusses how strategy and business development can be supported through sophisticated research, analytics and econometric models. It also describes the measures that are being used in the company to demonstrate the value of the intel-ligence operation. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - Introduction To Market Intelligence For Sales & Marketing - Cisco Systems-Customer Intelligence Through Econometric Models  - De Telefoongids–Systematic MI Support For The Marketing And Sales Strategy - MAG-Active Intelligence Community Supporting Successful Marketing And Sales- Tetra Pak-Opportunity Toll Gate Process Secures A Successful Sales Funnel

eBook License:
Copyrighted from Global Intelligence Alliance

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