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Marketing Intelligence as A Strategic Tool for Competitive Edge
Goddy Osa Igbaekemen
eBook Edition: 2014

“Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than sales power-Philips Kotler”.  The impact of competition in the business environment has compelled many organizations to turn around and start scanning the environment for information, so as to have competitive edge over other similar organization within the industry.

Organization have to embark on efficient and effective marketing intelligence in order to maintain their competitive position in the industry in light of this, the study attempts to investigate how marketing information system could help in achieving or attaining competitive edge. To address these problems of competition, marketing intelligence and the adoption of suitable marketing intelligence system for an organization becomes imperative. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Review Of Related Literature - Marketing Intelligence System: An Overview - Marketing Information System - The Structure Of Marketing Information System - Data Base Marketing - Why Increased Need For Information - Benefits And Uses Of Marketing Intelligence - Marketing Decision Support System - Quantitative Tools Used In Marketing Decision Support System - Types Of Decision Making Process – Concepts of Decision Making - Competitive Edge / Advantage And Marketing Strategy - Conclusion

eBook License
: Copyrighted from the British Journal of Marketing Studies

Free PDF eBook – 380 Kb – 18 Pages
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