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URL :  Meeting the challenges of big data
Author : Giovanni Buttarelli
Detail : eBook Edition: 2015

Big data, if done responsibly, can deliver significant benefits and efficiencies for society and individuals not only in health, scientific research, the environment and other specific areas. But there are serious concerns with the actual and potential impact of processing of huge amounts of data on the rights and freedoms of individuals, including their right to privacy. The challenges and risks of big data therefore call for more effective data protection. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Big data analytics: opportunities, risks and challenges - Transparency: end covert profiling - Beyond unreadable privacy policies: user control and sharing the benefits of big data with the individuals - Data protection and privacy by design – Accountability - Next steps: putting the principles into practice -

eBook License:
Copyrighted from The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

Free PDF eBook - 1.2 Mb - 21 Pages
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