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Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar

Jules Verne

Date of publication: 1876

This novel is considered one of Verne's best books by critics. Unlike some of Verne's other famous novels, it is not science fiction, but a scientific phenomenon is a plot device.

The book has been adapted several times for films and cartoon series.

Plot summary

Michael Strogoff is a courier for the czar Alexander II of Russia. When the Tatar king Feofar Khan invades Russia, Strogoff is sent to Irkutsk to warn the governor, who is the brother of the czar, against the traitor Ivan Ogareff. On his way he meets Nadia Fedor (in some translations, Nadia) and the war reporters Harry Blount -- reporting for an English paper -- and Alcide Jolivet, a Frenchman -- reporting for his 'cousin Madelaine'.

(From Wikipedia, description text under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL))

Project Gutenberg Edition

Free ePUB eBook, this eBook is also available in Kindle and HTML formats.

Main topics: adventure, blind, barbaric, courage, danger, dedication, imprisonment, espionage, escape, family, war, idealism, messenger, military, revolt, torture, treason, tyranny, trip.

Full original french version also available:
Michel Strogoff

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