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URL :  Microeconomics - Theory and Applications
Author : D.N. Dwivedi
Detail : Published: 2002

This book is intended for the students preparing for B.Com examination of Delhi University, although the book would also cater to the student of other universities. This book is an endeavour to provide a link between theoretical foundation and practical application.

eBook contents

Theory of firm (Monopolistic Competition - Non-collusive Oligopoly - Collusive Models of Oligopoly)
Theory of distribution (Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution and Wage Rate Determination - Rent - Profits)
General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics (General Equilibrium - Welfare Economics - Market Failure) - International Trade (Classical Theories of International Trade - The Standard Theory of International Trade - The Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Theory)

eBook License: Copyrighted (eBook digitalized by Google with editor's authorization)

eBook to read online - 622 pages
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