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URL :  Midwinter
Author : John Buchan
Detail : Date of publication: 1923

Midwinter is a 1923 novel by John Buchan, set during the Jacobite rising of 1745, when an army of Scottish highlanders advanced into England seeking to place Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Stuart), the grandson of ousted King James II, on the throne.


Alastair Maclean, a Scotsman who has been living in France with the exiled Stuarts, comes to England to join the Scottish army as it advances towards London. But on the way he discovers that agents (Sir John Norreys and Nicholas Kyd) supposedly helping the Jacobite cause by encouraging various nobles to commit to the cause, are actually in English pay, and are passing on to the English government the letters from these nobles to Charles Stuart promising him men and money.
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