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Mindfulness Meditation and Psychopathology

Joseph Wielgosz - Simon B. Goldber - TammiR. A. Kral -John D. Dunne - Richard J. Davidson

Book Edition: 2018

Mindfulness meditation is increasingly incorporated into mental health interventions, and theoretical concepts associated with it have influenced basic research on psychopathology. Here, we review the current under-standing of mindfulness meditation through the lens of clinical neuroscience, outlining the core capacities targeted by mindfulness meditation and mapping them onto cognitive and affective constructs of the Re-search Domain Criteria matrix proposed by the National Institute of Mental Health. We review efficacious applications of mindfulness meditation to specific domains of psychopathology including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and substance abuse, as well as emerging efforts related to attention disorders, traumatic stress, dysregulated eating, and serious mental illness. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Cognitive And Affective Mechanisms – Applications To Psychopathology – Emerging Targets – Practical Concerns - Challenges And Cautions - Conclusions

eBook License: Copyright from The Center for Healthy Minds – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Available in PDF format – 32 pages – 554 Kb