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Miniinvasive Face and Body Lifts
Many authors
Published: 2013

Miniinvasive Face and Body Lifts - Closed Suture Lifts or Barbed Thread LiftsThe biggest buzz in the facial and body lifting beautification and rejuvenation category is by far around mini-invasive scarless techniques. They are presented by suture and thread lifts. Both suture and thread lift techniques have many unique properties. For example, young patients do not want to be scarred with classic open face liftings. Also, for Asians, Afro-Americans, and Latino-Americans, who have higher percentage of keloids, these are the preferred non-scarring cosmetic surgery methods. Scarless mini-invasive lifting techniques, such as suture and thread lifts, need proper explanation and public access. This will be the first scientific book that could clear the false public belief that transcutaneous suture and thread lifts are one and the same method.

eBook Contents

Serdev Sutures® in Upper Face: Brow and Temporal Lift; Glabella Muscle Ligation - Serdev Sutures® in Middle Face - Serdev Sutures® in Lower Face and Neck - Serdev Sutures® Lifts in Body Areas - Percutaneous Suspension Sutures to Change the Nasal Tip - Chin Enhancement Using Serdev Suture: Five Case Reports - Serdev Technique for Cervicoal Flaccidity and Mandibular Definition Utilizing “Serdev Sutures” - Suture Lifting and Liposculpture Integration in the Creation of Facial Esthetic Harmony - The Holistic Scarless Rejuvenation of the Face - Midface Thread Lifting: Method of Internal Suturing - Mastopexy-How to Reach Consistent Results-New Methods - Morphological Foundations of Facelift Using APTOS Filaments - Experience in Preventive Measures and Treatment of Complications at Face and Neck Thread Rejuvenation - New Method of Face Elastic Thread Lift - Minimally Invasive Face and Neck Lift Using Silhouette Coned Sutures - T3-Soft Face Lift by Suspension Surgery - Correction of Face Involutional Changes by Method of Light Lift Elegance Thread Reinforcement - Experience in the Use of Barbed Threads and Non-Barbed Serdev Sutures in Face and Body Lift-Comparison and Combination

eBook License: Edited by Nikolay Serdev, ISBN 978-953-51-1196-2, 362 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published October 02, 2013 under CC BY 3.0 license DOI: 10.5772/2654

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