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Model Contracts for Small Firms
Last eBook Edition: 2011
Small and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of many economies, did nearly all their business within national borders until just a few decades ago. Now they are exporting to and importing from all corners of the world. But most small firms do not have access to the legal advice they need at the best of times, and even less so in the current economic climate when they are under pressure to cut costs. To meet this challenge, the International Trade Centre (ITC) set up a network of top trade lawyers to create this series of model contracts that take into account the increasing sophistication of international trade transactions, incorporate internationally recognized standards and best practices, and still try to make things as simple as they can be in a global context. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - International Contractual Alliance - International Corporate Joint Venture - International Commercial Sale of Goods - International Long-Term Supply of Goods - International Contract Manufacture Agreement - International Distribution of Goods - International Commercial Agency - International Supply of Services

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