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Pete Comley

Book published in 2012

Why You May Be Missing 6% a Year from Your Investment Returns

eBook Contents

Part I: The Evidence (New Investor Expectations, The Industry Evidence for Equity Returns, Skill - The Evidence from Competitions, Skill - The Real Numbers, Returns - Is the Index Correct?, Costs - Share Trading, Costs - Funds, The Correct Return on Cash, Equity Returns Revisited)

Part II: The Implications (Implications for investors #1 - Cash, Implications for investors #2 - Cut Your Costs, Implications for investors #3 - Change Your trading Behaviour, Implications for investors #4 - Review Your Strategy, Implications for investors #5 - Reconsider Your Group Investment Type, Implications for investors #1 - Alternative Asset Types, Implications for the Finance Industry, Implications for Regulators, Concluding Thoughts

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