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Mulberry for Animal Production
M. D. Sánchez
eBook Edition: 2002

This publication contains the articles distributed for the subscribers to the first electronic conference on mulberry for animal production, held bewteen May and August 2000. The conference was organized by the FAO Animal Production and Health Division in response to the growing interest in the cultivation and use of mulberry to feed various domestic animals. The contributions covered a variety of topics including germplasm resources in various countries, agronomic aspects, chemical composition, nutritive value and animal performance. (From Author)

eBook Contents

World distribution and utilization of mulberry and its potential for animal feeding - Mulberry cultivation and utilization in China - Mulberry cultivation and utilization in India - Mulberry breeding, cultivation and utilization in Japan - Mulberry germplasm and cultivation in Brazil - Mulberry germplasm resources in Italy - Agronomic studies with mulberry in Cuba - Establishment and management of mulberry for intensive forage production - Factors influencing mulberry leaf yield - The high-trunk mulberry system in tropical climates - The potential of mulberry as feed for ruminants in central Tanzania - The potential of mulberry foliage as a feed supplement in India - The forage potential for some mulberry clones in Brazil - Supplementation of grazing dairy cattle with mulberry in Costa Rica - Nutritional quality of mulberry cultivated for ruminant feeding - Utilization of mulberry as animal fodder in India - Mulberry leaf supplement for sheep fed ammoniated rice straw - Mulberry for rearing dairy heifers - Bromatological composition and degradation rate of mulberry in goats - Potential and effective degradation of mulberry clones in goats - Evolution of research on mulberry as cattle and sheep feed in central Italy - Effects of grazing animals and cutting on the production and intake of a mulberry-subterranean clover association - Measurement of mulberry shrubs grazed by cattle - Management and utilization of mulberry for forage in Japan. 1. Productivity of the mulberry-pasture association system and nutritive value of mulberry - Evaluation and utilization of mulberry for poultry production in Japan Conservation of mulberry as silage. 1. Effect on nitrogenous compounds - Mulberry production with swine lagoon effluent

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