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URL :  Music Theory for the 21st-Century Classroom
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Author : Robert Hutchinson
Detail : 2017 | PDF | 45.3 Mb | 553 pages

eBook License: GNU Free Documentation License

In Music Theory for the 21st–Century Classroom, students learn about motive, fragment, phrase, and subphrase, as well as types of melodic alteration like inversion, intervallic change, augmentation, diminution, rhythmic change, ornamentation, extension, and retrograde. By understanding motive and subphrase (also known as “phrase segment” or “phrase member”), I believe students will better understand the logic and construction of melodies, which will aid them in creating their own music. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Basic Concepts - Major Scales and Key Signatures - Minor Scales and Key Signatures - Basics of Rhythm -Intervals - Triads - Roman Numerals and Cadences - Seventh Chords - Harmonic Progression and Harmonic Function - Non-Chord Tones - Melodic Analysis - Form in Popular Music - Phrases in Combination - Accompanimental Textures - Creating Contrast Between Sections - Figured Bass - Secondary Dominant Chords - Secondary Diminished Chords - Mode Mixture - The Neapolitan Chord - Augmented Sixth Chords - Modulation - Enharmonic Modulation - Binary and Ternary Forms - Sonata and Rondo Forms - Voice Leading Triads - Voice Leading Seventh Chords - Voice Leading With Non-Chord Tones - Voice Leading Chromatic Harmonies - Introduction to Counterpoint - Introduction to Jazz Theory - Impressionism and Extended Tonality - Set Theory - Serialism - Minimalism
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