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MySQL Essentials
Last Book Edition 2010

MySQL Essentials is an online book designed to provide everything a user needs to know to install, build, maintain and secure MySQL based databases.

eBook Contents

About MySQL Essentials - Database Basics - MySQL Database Architecture - The mysql Command-Line Tool - The MySQL Administrator Tool - The MySQL Query Browser - Creating New Databases and Tables with MySQL Administrator - Creating Databases and Tables Using SQL Commands - Updating and Deleting MySQL Tables - Inserting Data into a MySQL Database - Updating and Deleting MySQL Data - Retrieving Data From a MySQL Database - Sorting Data Retrieved from a MySQL Database - Using WHERE to Filter MySQL Data - Advanced MySQL Data Filtering - AND, OR, NOT and IN - MySQL Wildcard Filtering using LIKE - MySQL Regular Expression Searches - Joining Tables in MySQL - An Introduction to MySQL Views - MySQL Calculations and Concatenations - Manipulating Text in MySQL - MySQL Mathematical Functions - Working with Dates and Times in MySQL - MySQL Data Aggregation Functions - MySQL Users and Security - Administering and Monitoring MySQL using the MySQL Workbench - Using MySQL Workbench to Execute SQL Queries and Create SQL Scripts - Using MySQL Workbench to Create a Database Model

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