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URL :  North Korean Nuclear Test and its implications
Author : Liu Lin
Detail : eBook Edition: 2006

This paper will provide an analysis of the current North Korean nuclear crisis, especially the factors that led to the North Korean nuclear test on October 9, 2006 and the important implications of this test. The paper starts with a brief review of the evolution of the North Korean nuclear crisis, which serves as a background for further discussions. It continues with an outline of the various factors leading to the recent nuclear test by North Korea, including underlying historical factors as well as the current situation. The North Korean nuclear crisis is not only closely related to the "Cold War legacy", but is also affected by the domestic politics of both the U.S. and North Korea. It is not just a nuclear issue, but involves various interests of all the major players in Northeast Asia. Based on this, this paper will discuss the implications of the nuclear test for global and regional security. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Executive Summary - The North Korean Nuclear Test and Its Implications – Introduction - The Evolution of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis - Main Factors Leading to the North Korean Nuclear Test - The Implications of the North Korean Nuclear Test - China's Response to the Nuclear Test - About the Author

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Free PDF eBook - 285 Kb - 45 Pages
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