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Optimal Regulation: The Economic Theory of Natural Monopoly
Kenneth E. Train
eBook Edition: 2000

The purpose of this book is attempted to present the material in a form that elucidates the driving forces behind the results while using the minimum technical apparatus. The text is intended to be readable by upper-level undergraduates and graduates with strong, but not necessarily highly mathematical, training in microeconomics.

eBook Contents

Front Material - The Averch-Johnson Model of Rate-of-Return Regulation - Regulatory Mechanisms to Induce Optimal Outcomes for One-Product Natural Monopolies - The A-J Model under Uncertainty - Ramsey Prices - The Vogelsang-Finsinger Mechanism - Surplus Subsidy Schemes - Multipart Tariffs - Time-of-Use Prices and Riordan's Mechanism - Self-Selecting Tariffs and Sibley's Mechanism - Optimality without Regulation - Appendix. Price Caps - References and Index

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