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URL :  Optimizing the Value Of Audit Quality Indicators
Author : Deloitte Institute
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eBook Edition: 2017

A lot of attention is being paid of late to the ways audit committees (ACs) evaluate whether they are getting quality work from their auditors. For all the ongoing talk about “audit quality,” however, the concept is short on widely accepted definitions—which is why companies and their ACs struggle to evaluate it. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Lesson 1: AQIs can trigger new constructive conversations on audit quality - Lesson 2: Customize for greater value - Lesson 3: Good AQIs can cover a lot of territory - Lesson 4: Without comparators and qualitative analysis, AQIs don’t mean much - Lesson 5: Timing and style of reporting matters—as does thoughtful reflection - Lesson 6: Know what’s in, what’s out, and what’s required to develop the AQI - Lesson 7: Without management buy-in, AQIs will not add value - Lesson 8: Your first set of AQIs is only the start of meaningful audit quality discussions - Our commitment to using AQIs

eBook License: Copyright from Deloitte

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