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Oracle Databases – RAC Deployment Guide
eBook Edition: 2012
This document describes an installation example of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on the VMware vSphere® platform, for Oracle DBAs planning to virtualize Oracle RAC on the VMware platform. The reader is assumed to have some hands-on experience with VMware vSphere® Client™. A database administrator should work with a VMware and storage administrator to successfully install Oracle RAC on VMware technology. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Infrastructure Environment - Overview of Deployment Steps - Configure NTP Client on All ESX Hosts - Prepare a Virtual Machine for the First RAC Node - Prepare Subsequent Virtual Machines/RAC Nodes - Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure - Verify the Grid Infrastructure Installation - Add DATA and REDO Disks to Virtual Machine RAC Nodes - Create DATA and REDO ASM Disk Groups as Grid User - Install and Create the Oracle Database 11g R2 RAC -  References Appendix A: Deployment of Oracle RAC with RDM

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use Only by downloading from vmware)

Free PDF eBook - 990 Kb - 46 Pages
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