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PKF - Doing business in Hong-Kong
Published: 2013

PKF - Doing business in Hong-KongeBook Contents

Introduction (Geography and population, political environment, economy, regulatory environment, financial services, exchange control, currency) - Business structure (Limited liability company, branch of a foreign company, representative office of a foreign company, Sole-proprietorship, partnership, joint venture) - Business finance (Equity finance, debt financing, government grants) - Financial reporting (financial reporting framework, audit requirements) - Taxation (Overview, taxation on letting property, tax implications on different business entities, tax obligations of employers, tax obligations of employees, e-business, ceasing to have a business presence in Hong-Kong, double taxation agreement) - Foreign personnel (Entry into Hong-Kong, salaries tax liabilities, mandatory provident fund scheme, employee's rights, individuals leaving Hong Kong) - Doing business in PRC through Hong-Kong (overview, Hong-Kong - a unique city in PRC, CEPA - better market access and more savings on tariffs, making use of Hong Kong company as an investment vehicle to invest in PRC)

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