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URL :  Parenting in the Age of Digital Technology
Author : The Northwestern University
Detail : 2014 | PDF | 553 Kb | 52 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.familieslearning.org/

In the popular press, much is made about how new digital technologies such as iPads and smartphones are revolutionizing family life. Children and parents alike now have a growing stream of new technological resources at their fingertips, offering increased opportunities for engagement, entertainment, and education. But while anecdotes about families and media abound, empirical evidence on national trends is much harder to come by.

This study explores how parents are incorporating new digital technologies (iPads, smartphones) as well as older media platforms (TV, video games, and computers) into their family lives and parenting practices. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Key Findings - Methodology - About Parents Today - The Home Environment - Family Activities - Using Media and Technology as a Parenting Tool - Parent Attitudes about Media and Technology - Parents' Views about the Social, Behavioral, and Physical Impact of Media - Parent and Child Media Use - Negotiating Media Use in the Family - Family Media Types - Conclusion
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