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URL :  Perceptions of Parenting: Mapping Gaps in Understanding
Author : Andrew Volmert - Kendall-Taylor - Ian Cosh - Eric Lindland
Detail : 2016| PDF | 1.0 Mb | 52 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.parentingrc.org.au

It is not hard to get people to recognise the importance of parenting, yet people’s    assumptions about what effective parenting involves frequently do not align with the knowledge of those who study parenting. In recent years, drawing upon a significant body of evidence, experts in the field have developed an understanding of what effective parenting requires and how it can best be supported. Our research shows, however, that much of this knowledge remains inaccessible to the general public in Australia. While communicating this expert knowledge might seem straightforward, many of Australians’ core cultural understandings and beliefs interfere with the reception and uptake of this expert knowledge.

The core of the report is a description of the cultural models —the implicit, shared understandings, assumptions, and patterns of reasoning—that the Australian public draw upon to think about parenting. Gaining an understanding of the public’s    cultural models, and how they facilitate or interfere with the reception of information about effective parenting and parenting support, is vital f or effective reframing of the issue. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Executive Summary - Research Methods - Research Findings - Mapping the Gaps and Overlaps in Understanding - Conclusion
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