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URL :  Personal Financial Planning: Strategies for Successful Practice Management
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Author : Hugh Crankshaw
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2006 | PDF | 295 Kb | 122 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://repository.up.ac.za/

This research project identified principles of practice management as applied to the personal financial planning process. The purpose of this research was to establish principles that Financial Planners could use to improve service delivery to the individual. In broad terms this is known as practice management and this research attempted to develop a greater understanding of practice management and provide a basis for further research on the subject.

To do this in a meaningful way the research had two structured phases. The first phase was a theoretical study that provided the basis for the design of a research instrument. The second phase was an empirical study that was done on the responses received on the research instrument to establish principles of practice management.

The research successfully identified four components and twenty principles of practice management, as well as three demographic drivers of income and succeeded in meeting the research objectives.(From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction to Research Problem - Theory and Literature Review - Research Questions - Research Methodology - Research Results - Discussion of Results - Summary Conclusions And Recommendations
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