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URL :  Perspectives: An Open Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
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Author : Nina Brown - Thomas McIlwraith - Laura Tubelle de González
Detail : 2020 | PDF | 18 Mb | 507 pages

Also available in ePub format.

eBook License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

This textbook is a collection of chapters on the essential topics in cultural anthropology. Different from other introductory textbooks, this book is an edited volume with each chapter written by a different author. Each author has written from their experiences working as an anthropologist and that personal touch makes for an accessible introduction to cultural anthropology.
Our approach to cultural anthropology is holistic. We see the interconnectedness of cultural practices and, in all of the chapters, we emphasize the comparison of cultures and the ways of life of different peoples.

This book brings Nader, Nelson, Borofsky, and many others together to demonstrate that our anthropological understandings can help all of us to improve the lives of people the world over. We need you, as students, to see the possibilities. As instructors, we want to help you easily share anthropological knowledge and understanding. We want all readers to be inspired by the intensely personal writings of the anthropologists who contribute to this volume. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction To Anthropology - The Culture Concept - Doing Fieldwork: Doing Fieldwork: Methods In Cultural Anthropology - Language - Subsistence - Economics - Political Anthropology: A Cross-Cultural Comparison - Family And Marriage - Race And Ethnicity - Gender And Sexuality - Religion - Globalization - The History of Anthropological Ideas - Culture And Sustainability: Environmental Anthropology In The Anthropocene - Performance - Media Anthropology: Meaning, Embodiment, Infrastructure, And Activism - Health And Medicine - Seeing Like An Anthropologist: Anthropology In Practice - Public Anthropology
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