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Policy Paradigms, Social Learning and the State
Peter A. Hall
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The object of this article is to examine the process of policy learning more closely with a view to resolving some of these problems. At the outset, I take up a number of questions about how the learning process proceeds with a view to specifying more completely the overarching role that ideas play in the policy process. How should we understand the relationship between ideas and policy-making? How do the ideas that guide an institution like the state change course? Is the overall learning process relatively continuous over time and incremental, as organization theory might lead us to expect or is it more discontinuous, marked by upheaval and the kind of ‘punctuated equilibrium’ that some have suggested applies more generally to political change? Then I explore a number of issues associated with the relationship between policy learning and the autonomy of the state. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - The process of policy learning – First order learning – Second order learning – Third order learning – Conclusion - Notes

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