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URL :  Precalculus - Textbook
Author : Carl Stitz, Ph.D. - Jeff Zeager, Ph.D.
Detail : 2013 | PDF | 9.6 Mb | 1094 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons License

The material is presented at a level that definitely prepares a student for Calculus while giving them relevant Mathematics which can be used in other classes as well.  Graphing calculators are used sparingly and only as a tool to enhance the Mathematics, not to replace it.  The answers to nearly all of the computational homework exercises are given in the text and we have gone to great lengths to write some very thought-provoking discussion questions whose answers are not given. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Relations and Functions - Linear and Quadratic Functions – Polynomial Functions – Relational Functions – Further Topics in Functions – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions – Hooked on Conics – Systems of Equations and Matrices – Sequences and the Binomial Theorem – Foundations of Trigonometry – Applications of Trigonometry
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