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URL :  Prevention and Management of venous leg ulcers
Author : AWMA - NZWCS
Detail : eBook Edition: 2011

The guideline presents a comprehensive review of the assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of VLUs within the Australian and New Zealand health care context, based on the best evidence available up to January 2011.

The guideline is designed to provide information to assist in decision-making and is based on the best information available at the date of compilation. The guideline is not intended to have a regulatory effect. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Quick Reference Flow Charts - Summary Of Recommendations - Background - Preventing Initial Occurrence Of Venous Leg Ulcers - Assessment, Diagnosis And Referral - Management Of Pain Associated With Venous Leg Ulcers - Page Management Of Venous Leg Ulcers - Preventing Recurrence Of Venous Leg Ulcers - Special Populations - Cost Implications - Other Treatments Not Currently Recommended - Interventions With Insufficient Evidence - Emerging Treatments - Implications For Future Research - References - Appendices

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