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Programming on Parallel Machines
Norm Matloff
Last eBook Edition 2013

Programming on Parallel MachinesThis is aimed more on the practical end of things, real code is featured throughout. The primary emphasis is on simplicity and clarity of the techniques and languages used. It is assumed that the student is reasonably adept in programming, and has math background through linear algebra.

eBook Contents

Introduction to Parallel Processing - Recurring Performance Issues - Shared Memory Parallelism - Introduction to OpenMP - Introduction to GPU Programming with CUDA - Introduction to Thrust Programming - Message Passing Systems - Introduction to MPI - Cloud Computing - Introduction to Parallel R - The Paralell prefix Problem - Introduction to Parallel Matrix Operations - Introduction to Parallel Sorting - Parallel Computation for Audio and Image Processing - Parallel Computation in Statistics/Data Mining - Parallel Python Threads and Multiprocessing Modules - Miscellaneous Systems Issues - Review of Matrix Algebra - R Quick Start - Introduction to Python

eBook License: Creative Commons

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