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Promoting recovery from first episode psychosis
Sabrina Baker - Lisa Martens
Last eBook Edition: 2012
The idea for creating this guide grew from the ongoing questions, observations, input, ideas and suggestions of families and other caregivers who have a loved one experiencing a first episode of psychosis.

Most young people who develop a first episode of psychosis live with their families or are dependent on their family in some way. As a family member, you can play a significant role in:

- helping to identify early signs of psychosis
- seeking prompt and appropriate treatment for your relative
- promoting the recovery process. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Families: partners in care - Promoting recovery for your relative with psychosis (promoting recovery, crisis intervention, how to work with mental health professionals, treatment team members, stigma) - Promoting recovery for you, the family member (family-focused care)

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