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URL :  Radiation in the Environment - Textbook
Author : J.L. Hunt
Detail : 2006 | PDF | 5.8 Mb | 256 pages

In the post-nuclear era the word ‘radiation’, in the popular lexicon, has taken on a specialized and negative meaning.  Largely because of media misinterpretation the word now suggests to the non-scientist the malignant effects associated with the misuse of nuclear energy.  But ‘radiation’ is not all harmful, nor indeed is it all nuclear in origin.

We live in an environment bathed in radiation of natural origin and essential to the maintenance of life on the planet.  Sunlight and its secondary thermal emissions of heat radiation is the engine of life on the planet Earth.  In addition to this ubiquitous low-energy radiation there are natural high-energy radiations in which life has developed and for which evolution and nature have provided effective defence mechanisms.  High energy radiation damage to DNA molecules is repaired by appropriate enzymes, and our atmosphere protects us from most of the high-energy portion of the Sun’s radiation. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Electromagnetic Radiation: The Classical Description - Electromagnetic Radiation: The Quantum Description - Radiometry and Photometry - Visible and Ultraviolet Radiation - Infrared and Radio Frequencies - Lasers and Hazards to the Eye - The Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity - The   Interaction   of   Ionizing   Radiation   with   Matter   and   its Biological Effects. - Ionizing Radiation Detectors - Sound - Environmental Noise
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