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URL :  Scientific Scuba Diver Course
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Author : Pierre Madl - Maricela Yip
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2003 | PDF | 8.1 Mb | 123 pages

eBook License: Public Access From https://biophysics.sbg.ac.at/

The course objective is to give comprehensive instruction in occupational/scientific diving to students with basic diving skills in order to prepare them for research/scientific in the research/scientific diving industry. This is not a course intended to substitute a dive course for beginners (e.g., open water diver), but rather builds upon the skills taught therein. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Scientific Scuba Diver (SSD) - Inspection and Execution of current Standards - Risk, Risk Factors, Risk Control, and Risk Assessment for Diving - Role and Function of a Scientific Scuba Diver - Diving Physics - Diving Physiology - DeCompression Illness (DCI) / DeCompression Sickness (DCS) - Decompression and Recompression – Rescue - First Aid and the Chain of Survival in Diving Accidents - Oxygen Provider - Diving Environment - Diving Equipment - Deeper Diving and Technical Diving Techniques - Navigation for Divers - Limited Visibility and Night Diving - Search and Light Salvage
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