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URL :  Secrets of Email Prospecting
Author : Gabe Larsen and AJ Hunt of Inside Sales Labs
Detail : eBook Edition: 2019

Sales reps are relying more and more on email as a form of communication in prospecting and closing activities. In fact, our data shows that the average sales rep sends 34 emails per day, up 20% from 2017. As this communication method becomes increasingly important, sales reps are constantly working to discover the best practices that surround it.

This year, InsideSales.com Labs analyzed over 18 million emails (which excluded marketing emails) to find that on average only 31.29% of were opened. That means that out of three emails, less than one is being opened by prospects.

We also tried to find out what day and time result in the best open and download rates, and what subject-line best practices we could extract. In this study you’ll find the day, time, and subject-line content secrets that will help boost your open and download rates and fuel your business development efforts. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Best time for open rates was 4-5PM, for download rates it was 5-6PM – Optimal send time produced 21% better open rate, 64% better download rate - Monday best day for open rates, Wednesday best for download rates - Optimal send day increases open rates 2%, download rates 9% - Shorter subject lines get more opens - Subject lines beginning with “FWD:” got opened more than 2X as often as regular emails - Emails with attachments 10% more likely to be opened than those without attachments - Conclusion

eBook License: Copyrighted from www.insidesales.com

Free PDF eBook – 416 Kb - 9 Pages
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