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URL :  Securing our Energy Future
Author : Dan Lewis
Detail : eBook Edition: 2010

At its heart, effective energy policy should be simple. What energy policy has to do is to achieve a quite straightforward set of priorities within defined limits.

Those priorities, in order of importance are:

- Energy Security: without certain access to energy, there can be no economic activity.
- Energy Affordability: unless the price of that access is low enough, economic activity will be limited.
- Environmentally Clean Energy: making the procurement of energy clean primarily at the point of generation and secondly, at the point of consumption to the general benefit of the human environment. (From Author)

eBook Contents

About the Author - Summary – Introduction - What’s wrong with the Existing Policy Framework? -  How far can we go with existing Clean Electricity Technologies today? - Don’t Bet on Gas – the UK Way - Popular Policy Solutions and why they won’t work - A Solution that will work - Policy Recommendations – Appendixes

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