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URL :  Strategy within E-commerce
Author : Amanda Holst – Hannes Fridolfsson – Sofie Persson
Detail : 2016| PDF | 1.2 Mb | 78 pages

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Today the e-commerce market has become a bigger part of both organizations' and consumers' everyday life.  Earlier established strategies within retail can't be relied upon. The online-based organization don’t act on the same conditions as traditional shops in terms of location, customer service and personal interaction to name a few. These are factors generally important to the traditional strategy formation within retail. E-commerce is an emerging market and to survive a well-formulated strategy formation is crucial in order to endure the environment. The aim of this research is to create an understanding of how strategy is formed in e-commerce organizations. In order to answer the research questions, a qualitative research, including a case study, have been performed.

Empirical material has been conducted mainly through semi-structured interviews, with one of Sweden’s largest internet retailers, regarding their ink-and beauty supply segment. Whittington’s (2001) two perspectives; evolutionary and classical, have been used to get different viewpoints on the organization studied. We came to the conclusion that the key factors in strategy formation within e-commerce are experience in combination with available information about the environment they act within. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Theory - Methodological approach - Empirical findings & Analysis - Discussion & Conclusion - Future research & Implications
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