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URL :  StreamServe Connect for SAP - E-docs
Author : StreamServe
Detail : Published: 2009

StreamServe Persuasion SP4 StreamServe Connect for SAP - E-docs User Guide.

This guide describes how to configure StreamServe Connect for SAP - E-docs with your SAP system. The E-docs  onnect solution is an add-on module to StreamServe.

eBook Contents

E-docs (Introduction) - Configuring SAP for XFP data (Configuring SAP to send XFP data, Sending XFP data to StreamServe) - Configuring SAP for XSF data (Configuring SAP to send XSF data, Sending XSF data to StreamServe) - Configuring SAP for RDI data (Configuring SAP to send RDI data - Sending RDI data from SAP to StreamServe, Generating SAPscript Form documentation) - Configuring StreamServe for XFP data (Creating a Message for XFP data) - Configuring StreamServe for XSF data (Copying the XSF filter to your working directory (UNIX only), Creating a message for XSF data, Running the XSF filter stand-alone) - Configuring StreamServe for RDI data (Creating a Message for RDI data, Configuring a StreamIN Event for RDI data) - StreamServe and the XFP format - StreamServe and the RDI format (RDi data, SAP 4.6/4.7 RDI functions) - StreamServe and the XSF format (XSF data elements) - Useful SAP transaction codes

eBook License: Copyrighted (Personal Use Only)

Free PDF eBook - 1,16 Mb - 90 pages

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