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URL :  Strumming, Fingerpicking, and Hybrid Accompaniment Patterns for Guitar
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Author : Bill Matney - Brenna Niemuth
Detail : 2019 | PDF | 5.1 Mb | 63 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License.

This handbook is not only about learning how to accompany, but also LEARNING HOW TO LEARN. You will be using this handbook constantly for homework and in class. You will be expected to work on these exercises and patterns to build your technique and your ability to “design” accompaniment. That way, we can take advantage of our time by getting some of the technique taken care of, leaving time to make MUSIC as often as possible, including when we come to class. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Basic Downstroke Strums - Downstrokes with Accents - Downstrokes and Upstrokes - Downstroke/Upstroke with Accents - Space, Syncopation, and Styles - Sixteenth Note Patterns - Strumming Hand Muting/Muffling - Palm Muting - Brush/Strum Muting - Sixteenth Note Styles - Chord Hand Muting - Fingerpicking Basics - Introduction to Hybrid Styles - More Hybrid Techniques

You can download the First handbook - Guitar Chord Handbook

You can download the Second handbook - Chord Progression Handbook

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