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URL :  Talking about the Science of Parenting
Author : Various Authors
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2018 | PDF | 835 Kb | 29 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.parentingrc.org.au

Improving children’s outcomes means supporting parents in their parenting.

We already know how much parenting matters, but we are also becoming increasingly aware that how we think and talk about parenting matters too. We now know that if we want to overcome some of the barriers to families getting the support they need; we need to have a much more productive conversation to support parenting in Australia.

This latest piece of research from the Frame Works Institute gives us concrete strategies for these productive conversations. It builds on earlier work that mapped the gaps between public perceptions and expert understandings. And it gives us the tools we need to support parents by communicating much more effectively about improving child development. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - How Can Communicators Anticipate Public Thinking and Be Strategic? - What’s the New Story to Advance? - A New Master Narrative: Supporting Child Development - Moving Forward - Methods Appendix - Experimental Treatments
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